Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pineapple Express

So tonight we were bored.. didn't quite know what to do.. so we decided to chill, cut up a pineapple, have some passion fruit tea, and.... put peanut butter on.. uhm.. everything (story of our lives) 

Step 1: go get ripe pineapple...(So cool fact: you know they're ripe when you pull on the stem/leave thing.. it comes out smoothly)

cut cut  cut cut cut uc t cut cut cut

slice slice slice slice SQUARES, TRIANGLES, SLICES, DAIMONDS in a bowl and a bowl= :)

Passion Fruit Tea is very fuit-ty!

Warning: you'll feel like an avatar that just cracked a tropical fruit open and your drinking the sun heated juice from it...it's awesome.

We kinda didn't pay attention to the beginning, and then Mak went to bed... but the end is good and the opera music is relaxing... cheesy acting, but ya know what can you expect from back in the day.

Piiiineeappllee Exxpprreess <3<3<3 

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