Saturday, April 2, 2011

friday night: I made french press and kept going.

So.. I didn't stop after the ginger thin mini addictable things...

I crunched up some more ginger thins with some cinnamon grahm crackers, coffee grounds, honey and cinnamon...

Then I put coffee grounds in one bowl...

Cocoa powder in another..

and crushed ginger thins in the last...

Then made some vanilla rice milk (cream isn't my thing) chocolate ganache...

 ...and rolled the ganache in the toppings

They were pretty damn good... Yeah homemade dark chocolate truffles..

I had all night, and lots of creative munchy vibes going on.. so I kept going.

I put the grahm cracker/coffee/ginger thin/honey mixture in the bottom of two shot glasses

and layered coffee biscotti hemp ice cream with it until the shot glass was full..

I added strawberries, cool whip and nutella to one of the shot glasses.

Then froze them, and cut/dumped them out..

You have frozen chocolate espresso ginger hemp dream truffles..


Buuuut I still wanted to make more... and still had more ingredients..

 Mixing natural, crunchy peanut butter with vanilla rice ice cream.. and putting that on top of the ginger thin/grahm cracker/coffee/honey mixture and freezing it gets you....

Upside down peanut butter hemp espresso pie!!

I took the picture with only one bite missing...but don't be fooled.

I couldn't stop once I started..

I ate the whole thing.

The addictable ginger cookie creation plate was cleared too.. I mean I had to at least tryyy every one.


Thank god for dishwashers.

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