Wednesday, April 6, 2011

good taste in your mouth.

Sometimes I don't get the munchies and I'm not hungry at all... when this occurs, it's not like I don't still want good flavor in my mouth, so I drink tea. Tonight I made the ultimate mouth flavor burst. 

Best thing ever.. especially this way..

Mixing more than one tea bag makes it stronger (aka more flavorful)

plus, you can be all creative and mix flavours the tea companies couldn't think of..

these two are good mixes...super "spicey tasting... you feel like your strait up with the three wisemen star-analizing.

Plus "Good Earth" and "Yogi" teas have little messages on the back... It makes every cup an adventure

^^"What we play is life"^^ 

It totally gives you something to think about.

I made the tea..

Heres what I listened to..

Likke Li Pandora
Likke Li 
Florence and The Machine
Modest Mouse
The Teenageers
Regina Spektor
Imogen Heap

Great mix...

then had the best idea...

It gave it the most creamy, spicey, vanilla flavour and made my mouth and tastebuds quite satisfied.

The perfect and flavourful I'm not hungry snack.

Voila .

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