Saturday, April 2, 2011

friday night.

Being out until 6am, breathing vodka cranberry hours later, and not knowing exactly what you smell like is great especially when you throw in the dancing and good music, but I needed a break from the hollywood clubs so tonight.... I stayed home. Smoking, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, drinking coffee and coming up with some dankkk food creations. 
fair warning.. you won't be able to stop making things up once you start. and that same rule applies to when you start eating it too.
#1 We'll call these..."make a different combo on each cookie that way when your done you end up eating them all because you can't decide what flavor you want in your mouth last addictables"

So I took some ginger snap thins (you could take any other thin and good cookie) and put them in a pan with different random spreads/toppings on them. I used, Peanut butter, nutella, dark choc pieces, blackberry jam,  and Honey and cinnamon. Once all topped, I put them in the oven at 350ยช F for four minutes.

Nowwww comes the fun part.. toppings.

I put them on a plate...

and began to create weird things to put on top of them.
I started off with strawberries.

Thennn realized I didn't have the necessary items... so I went to the store (thank god ralphes is open till two.) Anyway this is what I bought..

...And this is what I looked like.
People looked at me a little weird when I was checking out.

Then I made toppings... chocolate ganache mixed with yogurt

Natural, chunky peanut butter with vanilla rice ice cream

I made many more toppings... peanut butter mixed with cool whip.. peanut butter mixed with yogurt.. peanut butter, yogurt and cool whip.. nutella mixed with yogurt..just plain nutella.. the possibilities are endless.

Topped with everything from strawberries, pears, cinnamon, cocoa powder, 
ginger cookie crumbles, and blackberry jam

Enjoy munching.. I did. With coffee.

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